• Can you answer the telephone?
  • Can you give directions?
  • Can you accept donations?
  • Can you help test equipment?
  • Can you turn a screwdriver?

If you can do any of these tasks you can be a volunteer!

David Rogers

David Rogers - Volunteer Technical Advisor

"I enjoy being able to combine my love of computers with the rest of my life.   It is a pleasure to work with the people at Techs & Trainers."

Wish: To "play" with computers the rest of my life.


Reagan Stahl

Reagan Stahl - Volunteer

"Working for Barbara has been a blessing for me. The job provides me with structure and self-esteem, and is a perfect fit for me providing a stress and pressure free environment.

"Wish: To eventually work more hours and possibly move into a paying position.

Don't wait another minute! Help us - help others.   Call, e-mail, or just stop by.

Last Updated: January 15, 2008