• Meaningful work for people with barriers to employment
  • Providing computers to those with special needs
  • Environmentally friendly solutions for old computers

Student taking a computer apart and repairing it.We strive to provide a basic computer service to the disabled community of greater Houston.   A computer donation from you will provide needed computer training and skills development for someone with barriers to employment.

Whether you are looking for economical corporate computer asset disposal or just wish to recycle your used computer equipment (computers, monitors, and used printers are all, generally, accepted), Techs & Trainers is ready to put your tax deductibles to good use.

Instructor working with a student taking a computer apartUsed computer equipment repair is just one of the many aspects of our service that we provide to the Houston area.   This computer repair work provides needed training and computer skills development while saving electronic waste from the landfills; but best of all, the end product is an affordable computer system for someone who might not otherwise be able to enjoy what technology has to offer.

In Houston, we can all recycle, refurbish and revitalize both our possessions and ourselves. Donate your used computer, monitor, printer or other used computer related equipment; we will put it all to good use.

Last Updated: Friday, March 15, 2013 12:39 PM