Fund Raising/Sale Items

"If we don't have what you need, we'll find someone who does"



We normally stock 17" & 19" CRT monitors. They are usually free with purchase of a computer system or we can also sell them individually. We also have 15", 17", & 19" LCD flat panel monitors. All monitors are burned-in tested (~20 minutes) using an 8 channel video multiplier and monitor testing software [Check Screen12]. See table below for pricing information.

Our Monitors
Prices w/system
Prices w/o system
17" CRT
19" CRT



15" LCD

17" LCD
19" LCD

Computers & Accessories

Computer, Monitor and Keyboard

We sell CPUs with and without operating systems (O/S) to resellers and the general public. Our systems start at $50 and include a CRT monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all power cords.  All systems are in working condition and have (at a minimum) been booted up and formatted. Contact us for prices without an O/S.

  • All include a basic hardware configuration: CD Rom, Floppy, modem, etc.
  • Want something special (DVD Player, Power Supply)? We'll be happy to set you up.
Our Computers & Items
Description Prices
Pentium 4
$50.00 and up
$3 - $5
3 prong power cords



Most of our donations are Pentium 4 computers, so the vast amount of our stock is standard DDR PC & PC2 2100/2700/3200/5300 RAM.

We do, quite often, come across most other types: Laptop, SDRAM, RAMBUS, EDO, etc. {got bins full of the older stuff}.

Not sure what type you need? Contact us; we'll get you set up.

Due to the vast market price changes for Memory our Memory prices vary day to day
Description Price

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